Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 1, 2011 Finally got service, but...

   After 7 months of requesting warranty service I was finally able to get this P.O.S. into a service center. It seems like Tom Johnson's Camping Center in Marion, NC was really axious to help from the first time that I contacted them.
   Within 2 days of taking it in, most things were fixed but... The service manager, Dale called me and said that I needed to call Jeff Johnson at Forest River to get him to fix a couple more things.

1. The check valve (black water flush) inside the cabinet which I had reported defective in January. Jeff Johnson told him that the unit was out of warranty now so it wasn't covered.
2. The tires that were showing bad wear because of the bad springs. Jeff apparently told Dale hat the tire manufacturer wouldn't cover them. Who cares!!! They are bad because of the bad springs. Forest River replaced the springs, this is a no brainer!
3. The park cable doesn't work, it never has. Jeff Johnson (Forest River)authorized Hilltop RV in Escanaba Michigan to fix it last July and it still doesn't work. Another NO BRAINER!
    Then Dale told me that he found a serious problem up n the roof that needs to be fixed but Jeff told him, no because there is only a one year manufacturers warranty and the year was up in February.
   The staples are popping up under the rubber roof and if it's not taken care of, they will eventually rip thru. If these dumb asses got it in when I set up the appointment for December or February, they would have found the problem then while it was still under warranty.

   It's a real shame when a $54,000 5th wheel trailer won't last a year without everything falling apart. My wife and I just bought a different RV and are just waitng to get this piece of crap out of the shop so we can unload it.



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