Thursday, May 5, 2011

Continued bad service

    This is the second post about this subject. You REALLY need to start at the beginning. Scroll down and click on "older post" to see the first one.

   Well it seems as though the bad service not only runs thru Forest River RV but all the way thru it's network of dealers. Maybe I shouldn't really say that because the dealer in Bangor Maine was great but The one that I contacted in October, Bob Ledford's Adventure Motorhomes in Greer South Carolina just bitched me out today.
    Six weeks ago they suppossedly ordered the parts that I needed from the manufacturer and we set an appointment to fix my unit for 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago before I ran down there for nothing, I called to verify that all the parts were in. I was told that the axle springs came in from the axle manufacturer but that no parts came in yet from Forest River. Joe at Adventure Motorhomes said that he would check on things and call me back. At that time I also contacted Jeff Johnson at Forest River and he made some excuses as he always does and said he would take care of things.
    Last week I tried to call Bob Ledford's but I was put on hold and left to wonder what was going to happen for at least 6 minutes so I hung up. The next day, I called and was put on hold for 10 minutes (I timed it) and hung up. Finally on Tuesday May 3rd, after being put on hold for 5 minutes, someone came back and asked to take a message. I left a message for Joe to call but two days later he still had not so I called today (May, 5) and asked to speak to David Ledford (the owner) and a very pushy and persistant, Pam, insisted that I tell her what I wanted. I told her that I wanted to share with David that I was receiving poor service and she said "I'm one of the owners so tell me."
    I don't know if she is one of the owners or not but when I tried to discuss all the issues with her (on hold for 10 minutes, no return calls, no return emails, etc.) she became extremely defensive. I owned a business for 30 years and I personally always listened to customers in order to improve my business because I knew that they could always go somewhere else if they wanted to. I could tell that Pam really didn't give a shit about that. In fact, she told me to "go back to Minnesota where I bought it." She also said "we can't help it if you set your unit on fire" referring to my trying to explain the other dealerships that I've been to and why.
    What a bitch!, and yes, I'd say it to her face.
   Wow! Ironically as I'm typing this, My best friend called me (David Ledford's cousin, Bob's nephew) so I told him what happened and he informed me that he doesn't know any Pam and that she's defenitely not a Ledford. At least that got answered, it didn't make any sense to me that a business owner would act like that.
    I left it with Pam that I wanted to get down there as soon as possible to at least have the springs replaced so I can safely tow it to Indiana so I could light it on fire in Forest River's parking lot. She had my blood boiling.

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